Manly gifts, volume VII

Once again it’s time for advice on manly gifts, so let’s look at some items of sporting equipment.  The main thing women need to know about choosing gifts in this area is not to duplicate something your man already has.  This may require a bit of poking around in his tackle box, closet, and anywhere else he stores such things.  The other thing to keep in mind is to select good quality items that will provide good service and last.  Men like things that last, mostly because we hate shopping.  Here are some suggestions.

If your man fishes, boats, or does anything in the wilderness, a CASIO Fishing Gear Illuminator Men’s Watch (Silver) (AW-82-7AVDF) is something he probably doesn’t have, but would almost certainly want.

This watch has some amazing technology packed into a tough package.  It tells time, has LED illumination, is water resistant to 50m, has a count down timer, shows the current phase of the moon, displays the current latitude and longitude, and lots of other stuff including a battery good for 10 years.  Not bad at all for  £22.78 (something close to $40 U.)


If your man hunts, you should consider adding this to his arsenal:

That’s an Excalibur Vortex Crossbow Package for $820.  It’s a top of the line item that can launch a quarrel at speeds over 330 feet per second, which should be enough to drop most any game animal.  Depending on where you live, it may also let him qualify for bow hunting seasons.  It would also look manly mounted above the fireplace.


Slightly less dangerous, but still very manly, would be a set of professional quality darts:

These beauties are from the Black Knight series by Dimplex and cost less than $40.  Not only will he impress his bar buddies when he whips out the case, but he’ll get a lot of bragging time over the tungsten tips.


Then there are those times when friends come over and the men start looking for an excuse to let the women have some gossip time while they go off and tip a few:

The game of boccie is perfect for this and is fairly manly.  This is a very nice set for less than $80, and should provide entertainment for years.  Trust me, he’ll start to really enjoy the game after two or three beers.  In addition, if he’s handy with tools, mounting the storage bag to the beer cooler will be a fun project.

Of course, the ultimate manly small scale game, that’s still legal in the US, is pool.  American pool that is, not snooker.  Thus, his own cue stick is near the top of the manly present list:

That’s the Players Graphite Double Silver Sword Pool Cue – T-G90 for around $70.  This isn’t the best stick on the market, but it’s high tech and manly looking.  Besides, the better cues require lots of customization which makes it difficult to maintain the surprise.


Another fairly manly indoor game is ping pong.  Once again, top of the line equipment is what makes a present special, such as this paddle:

Which is a Premium Tube, for $130.  Generally speaking, this is the best general purpose paddle you can get already assembled, and it should improve his game a lot.  Men take sports, even ping pong, very seriously, so he’ll appreciate it.

If he plays his tennis out doors:

That’s a Head Crossbow 10, which is a very manly name for a very manly racket, and it should be for $280.  Still, it the top of the line racket form a top company, and the fact that it’s built for power will say “I love you” better than sharing a six pack with him while watching a Dirty Harry movie at the drive in.


Of course, some men find racquetball more to their liking, as they should because it’s more manly, and if the male in your life is one of them, this’ll make his eyes light up:

It’s an Ektelon O3 Copper, and you’re not likely to find a better racket, or a more expensive one.  Yes, at $220, for the base model, it’s a bit pricey, but if your man takes his game seriously, and he does, this is the best tool for the job.  It’s got more features than I knew existed, and most of them sound useful so this racket should improve his game.  Really ladies, isn’t he more fun when he comes home after winning than when he looses? 

OK, I just had to throw this one in.  I know almost nothing about cricket, except that it’s played with a club,

and clubs are manly.  Sure, they call it a bat, but look at it!  It’s a club, and the one pictured, a Reebok Excel Kaismir Willow, is a modestly priced club at $70.  Even if he doesn’t play cricket, this is more classy to keep by the door than a baseball bat, and he’ll never guess what it is before the wrapper comes off.

Alright, whether you know it or not, your man bowls or wants to bowl.  With this in his bag,

he’ll want to bowl even more.  That’s an Elite Evil Skull ball, $130, and his friends are going to hate him when he reveals it on the next bowling night.  He’ll love you for that.  Oh, and if he juggles, buy three.

I saved this for last because it’s the grand prize when manliness, unusualness, and fun are considered:

That’s a Crossman Tac 77 Elite pellet rifle.  It fires a .177 caliber pellet at up to 1,000 feet per second using a spring.  It comes with a bipod rest with a built in laser sight, a 3×9 scope, and a top mounted flashlight.  It even has adjustable trigger pull.  And, with all that, it only costs around $300!  Make sure you have a cardboard box stuffed with newspaper and adorned with a target waiting, because he’s going to be in a rush test this baby out.  Oh, don’t forget a supply of pellets and a pair of shooting glasses so he doesn’t put his eye out.

Mister Manly


13 Responses to Manly gifts, volume VII

  1. Girly says:

    I like the crossbow! 🙂

  2. Girly says:

    That bowling ball!! :LOL I just can’t see my husband whipping that out at the bowling alley… actually, I can’t really see him whipping anything out at the bowling alley!!

  3. mistermanly says:

    Hi Girly,

    The crossbow is nice, and quiet. A few years ago that wasn’t an important quality to me, but the land surrounding our farm has become more populated, and some of the neighbors get upset over gun shots in the middle of the night. Still, some critters that need shooting only come out at night, so I have that item on my want list.

    As to bowling and your husband, I’d bet he can see himself whipping the Evil Skull out at the bowling alley. Ask him to take you bowling sometime and see if his eyes don’t light up. Of course, you could leave off the bowling part and get the same result 😉

    Mister Manly

  4. MJ says:

    Cricket bats are not only manly, they’re very sexy (I mean think about it), and they work as a great weapon.

  5. Girly says:

    MJ ~ I hope I never get on your bad side… 😛

  6. mistermanly says:

    Hi ladies,

    Are you trying to talk me into doing a post on what gifts men would like to give women? WordPress hasn’t shut Evyl down yet, so I suspect that is possible, if someone asks for my advice on the subject.

    Hi Girly,

    I tend to agree with you, and I may need to go rewrite the Grit’s post plugging MJ’s HUGS party before she reads it.

    Mister Manly

  7. mistermanly says:

    Hi Girly,

    Too late on that last bit, but she seems to have taken it well.

    Mister Manly

  8. Girly says:

    Yes I saw that just now… whew!

    And I for one, would love to see a post on what gifts men would like to give women….. don’t wait to be asked… just do it!! 😉

  9. mistermanly says:

    Hi Girly,

    Well, now that you ask, it shall be done. 🙂

    Mister Manly

  10. Girly says:

    Wow! I’m good. 😆

    I look forward to it….

    FYI…left a couple of comments for the Grit… 🙂

  11. mistermanly says:

    Hi Girly,

    I got that impression. Hopefully tomorrow. He was pleased.

    Mister Manly

  12. Girly says:

    🙂 🙂 🙂

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