It’s manly to be thorough in what one does, so, after suspicions arose that there might be backward masked subliminal messages in the song, Sissy New Age Cowboy, I hunted up some software that would play the song in reverse.  Listen for yourselves:

Sissy New Age Cowboy reversed

Let me know if you notice anything unusual.

Mister Manly


7 Responses to ?!?tahW

  1. Girly says:

    😆 Sounds a little Russian? Middle Eastern maybe?

    Good find! Now I want to play all my MP3’s backward….particularly the ones that seem to get stuck in my head!! I bet they all have subliminal messages in them…

    I used to love to spin my records backward!

  2. mistermanly says:

    Hi Girly,

    I miss vinyl as well. Did you notice that the rhythm of the song is almost the same in the reversed version? Cool.

    Mister Manly

  3. Girly says:

    I did notice that actually LOL!

  4. mistermanly says:

    Hi Girly,


    Mister Manly

  5. Pure Evyl says:

    I think that I like it even better backwards.

  6. Virgil Hart says:

    I listen to all my music backwards, and upside down.

  7. mistermanly says:

    Hi Evyl,

    Scary isn’t it?

    Hi VH,

    Now that’s something you don’t hear every day.

    Mister Manly

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