Manly Marines

November 24, 2008

Alright, I always knew the folks in our Armed Forces were tough, well at least since the Reagan Administration.  I have, however, encountered people who dispute my opinion, although only in situations where they figure I won’t dare punch them in the face.  Fortunately, thanks to the following video, sent to me by Ronin, indisputable proof of their manliness is now available.


Mister Manly


Representive John Murtha should kiss my redneck ass.

October 21, 2008

While I, Mister Manly, don’t normally like getting into political issues as, apart from military funding, they’re generally pretty wimpy, I find it impossible not to make an exception in the case of Rep. John Murtha because of his recent comment about rednecks.  Earlier in the week this feeble minded fool blamed his own constituantents lack of enthusiam for voting for Obama on their racism.  When called to task for this remark, he appoligised and insisted that it was only a reaction to the high redneck population in the area that made him mention it at all.

So, being a member of the minority that the fat aging brain damaged good Representative feels comfortable about insulting, I’d just like to issue an invitation to his sorry ass to come down here and settle it like men.  I know that at some point in his distant past he must have been a man since he was a Marine.  While it’s truly sad to see someone like that sink into the depths of insanity, his remarks are also beyond tollerating.  Still, since it’s obvious that, even though I am starting to feel the effects of age, I’d kill him with the first punch, let us make it fair.  You, John, bring whatever “friends” you have in the House down, and I’ll invite my black friends, who are all Democrats by the way but who I’m thinking would like to take a swing or three at you elitist Yankee assholes, and we’ll have a big fun brawl on my front lawn.  Heck, I’ll even buy the beer.

While you’re trying to work up enough courage to even consider my challenge, shove this up your Cut-And_Run old ass:

While you’re at it, bring Obama with you.  I may have a few years on him, but I’d purely love to take a shot at him.  Oh, and make sure Pelosi is in attendance.  Some of the local ladies are just dieing to have some of her hair 🙂

Bring it, you intollerant bastard!
Mister Manly

Advice for Sam

June 7, 2008

Sam sent me this:

Dear Mr. Manly,

There was an incident I witnessed the other day that has me perplexed as to how it should have been handled.  Julie, my girlfriend, and I were standing in line to see a movie, that new Indiana Jones flick, when a biker roared up, parked his motorcycle on the sidewalk, walked to the front of the line, and shoved his way up to the ticket booth.  Needless to say, everyone was outraged, but it happened so quickly that the man was inside the theater before anyone could say anything.  I don’t feel very manly about this, and have since prepared myself mentally to act immediately should a similar situation occur.  My question to you is how to confront someone like that in a manly fashion?



Dear Sam,

First, allow me to complement you on your manly choice of movies.

Second, I would like to point out that you missed a most manly opportunity to teach the line cutter, which is not manly, a valuable lesson.  Rather than attending the show, you should have spent those two hours dismantling his motorcycle.  Even if you didn’t want to walk back to your truck to get your toolbox, with just a multi-tool, which no man should go anywhere without, you could have broken the bike into its major component pieces.  With a ratchet set and some wire pliers, even a non-mechanic could reduce the entire vehicle into a pile of parts in the time you had available.  While you were working, your girlfriend could have amused herself by arranging said parts to spell out a nasty message about people who cut line.

Now, on with the advice you requested.  Assuming that the biker was the sort that would have a significant advantage over you in a fair fight, a manly way to react would have been to catch him with a flying knee in the back, just below his bottom rib.  If preformed with sufficient vigor and accuracy, this maneuver is a great equalizer.  After that, the rest is just doing your best to beat the crap out of your opponent, while not being pounded too badly yourself, until the police arrive and taser you both.  With a bit of luck, the two of you could have become friends while spending the night in the holding cell.

The most manly way to handle the situation, however, would have been to yell at him to go to the end of the line, making sure to call him Bud.  In my experience, the sort of person who cuts line can’t resist a confrontation, so he would likely respond with something like, “And just who do you think you are, (insert profanity here)?”  At this point you reply with some variation along these lines, “The man who’s about to give you the worst beating of your life.”  Note, it’s very important to use a casual tone of voice, maintain a relaxed body posture, and look him directly in the eye while saying that.  If you’ve been working even slightly at keeping a manly muscular appearance, odds are roughly 60-40 that he’ll back down.  Of course, if you hit the loosing end of that spread and you don’t have any combat training, it might be a good idea to whisper to your girlfriend to call 911, just in case.

Hope this helps,

Mister Manly